Quick Answer: How To Play White Rabbit?

What is the meaning behind the song White Rabbit?

Slick reportedly wrote the song after an acid trip. For Slick, “White Rabbit” “is about following your curiosity. The White Rabbit is your curiosity.” For her and others in the 1960s, drugs were a part of mind expansion and social experimentation. Like Boléro, “White Rabbit” is essentially one long crescendo.

Who sang White Rabbit?

Grace Slick in 1970 Released originally by Jefferson Airplane in February 1967 on its “Surrealistic Pillow” album and then as a single that June, “White Rabbit” peaked at No. 8 on Billboard’s pop chart.

What mode is white rabbit in?

You hear the fifth mode of harmonic minor in the songs “Misirlou” by Dick Dale and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.

What does a rabbit symbolize in the Bible?

The idea of rabbits as a symbol of vitality, rebirth and resurrection derives from antiquity. This explains their role in connection with Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

Did the Dormouse really say Feed your head?

Q: Did the Dormouse actually say “Feed your head”, like they sing in Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit”? A: No, The Dormouse never says that in the book, nor in Disney’s movie.

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What does chasing the rabbit mean?

What does hunting have to do with training?” For those of you who are not privileged to be either from the country or the South, the term “chasing rabbits” simply means going off on a tangent —in our case, in a teaching situation. It’s a common technique, used by sly students everywhere.

Are all white rabbits albino?

A completely albino rabbit is pure white, with no pigment in their fur or skin. Depending on which genetic type of albinism they have, albino bunnies can have red eyes, or blue eyes. Neither type is a breed in its own right though. Rather, they are both categories of color.

What does the White Rabbit symbolize in Alice in Wonderland?

The White Rabbit is the spark of curiosity that activates Alice’s spiritual awakening. It is the White Rabbit which Alice runs after and searches for endlessly in Wonderland, a symbol of her quest for knowledge. Just when things seem rather desperate the rabbit appears yet again, and Alice drives on through.

How do you remember the 7 modes?

Ways to Remember the Modes to represent the order, Ionian-Dorian-Phrygian-Lydian-Mixolydian-Aeolian-Locrian. Another good way to remember the modes is in terms of their darkness, or how many lowered scale degrees the modes have.

Why do white rabbits have red eyes?

The red eyes in an albino rabbit aren’t because of red pigments; remember, he doesn’t have pigment. Instead, his eyes appear red because the iris reflects light from his blood vessels instead of pigments. When their iris reflect light from the blood vessels (pigments in the eye reflect light) their eyes appear red.

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Is a white rabbit good luck?

On the first day of each month, it’s a common tradition for people to say “white rabbit” first thing in the morning, before saying anything else. The phrase is supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the month. Both phrases are thought to bring luck since rabbits are considered lucky creatures.

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