Readers ask: Soccer 4 How To Play?

How much does it cost to play soccer 4?

What does Soccer 4 Cost? The cost of the bet and all the other rules are the same as Soccer 6. A single entry (one choice per match) costs R6 and the cost of a multiple entry is R6 per combination. The cost of a multiple or permutation entry is calculated in the same way as Soccer 6.

How do you play Soccer 6?

There are six games in a Soccer 6 pool – M1 through M6. To win, you must predict the results of the six matches. In each game, one team is designated Team A and the other Team B. There are 3 results to choose from in each match:

  1. Team A to Win.
  2. Draw.
  3. Team B to Win.

How does soccer 10 payout work?

The record payout for Soccer 10 is R2,106,857. As with Soccer 6, you can play a single or multiple entry. With a single entry, you select ONE option or choice for each match and the bet costs R2. With a multiple entry, you can choose more than one option in one or more matches.

How much does it cost to bet soccer 13?

The unit of betting is R2. 00 but this changes according to the exchange rate. Permutations of multiple entries can be played in the normal way. If any payout is R15 or less, the money is not paid out and instead carried forward to a future pool.

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How do you play Hollywood soccer special?

The Soccer Special bet is to select the result of six soccer matches as designated in the totalisator’s official fixture card for each event. There are three possible results for each match vis. 1 – Team A to win, 2 – Draw, 3 – Team B to win.

How do you score in soccer?

Soccer SCORE is an exciting variation of the hugely popular Soccer 10 bet and provides a real challenge to soccer fans. Forecast the results of all 10 matches to win, choosing from 3 result options in each match:

  1. 1 = ONE team scores.
  2. 2 = NO team scores.
  3. 3 = BOTH teams score.

How do you play soccer lottery?

How to Play

  1. Predict the outcome for each half of the eight featured games. Select ‘1’ for a home win, ‘X’ for a draw or ‘2’ for an away win.
  2. Complete as many boards as you would like. There are four on each coupon.
  3. Select ‘Multi-Play’ if you are picking more than one outcome for each half.
  4. Purchase your entries.

Does Soccer 13 count extra time?

There are three possible results for each match viz., 1 – Team A to win, 2 – a draw and 3 – Team B to win. 6.12. 3UNIT OF BETTING AND MINIMUM BET: The unit of bet for the Soccer 13 Xtra will be: R2. The result shall not include extra time nor penalty shootouts.

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